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Peer Advice: How To Ask For Help


Let me be clear: I would not be where I am today without the help of those who decided to invest in me along the way.

The most pivotal moment of my life came when I decided to ask for help. Prior to this, I never dared ask for help. I was afraid of relying on others, of appearing dependent, and of burdening others. During my mid-twenties, I struggled through a series of setbacks that left me alone and hopeless: depression, loss of a loved one, first heartbreak, and family problems. I refer to that period of my life as my personal “rock bottom”. Feeling like I had nowhere to turn, I asked my academic advisor for help. It wasn’t all that bad. So I sought a therapist for help. Then, I talked to my friends about needing help. Things really took off from there and, eventually, I was asking for help left and right.

I learned the following:

You are human, and so is everyone around you. Everyone has faced difficulties at some point in their lives and, more often than not, they will offer help so long as you seek it. You may be thinking, “Well, I want to tackle everything on my own, I don’t need anyone’s help to succeed,” and while that may be true, you must know that you are not alone. Your success is not diluted because you ask for help; your success is made possible by your humbleness and authenticity.

So, be the brave one who knows when to ask for help. Speak up when you need some assistance. Ask any and all questions you have. The only silly questions are those that are never asked.