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Peer Advice: How to Get Involved on Campus


Grad school is challenging by itself. Adding a rigorous program into the mix makes it even harder to get involved.

You want to stay on top of your grades and try your best to get the best grades. It is sometimes hard to have a life outside of school. It's occasionally hard managing life and school, especially during a pandemic when we're all at home social distancing. Even though school is difficult, it is essential to get out and try to join clubs. There are many ways to get involved. The first step is finding something that interests you: research, student interest group, or a club.

It is vital to get involved to keep a school/life balance, and it helps to join a community of students on campus and connect with them.

The first step to getting involved is to see what is interesting to you. It is nice to build a sense of community on campus. Many clubs are considered student interests groups. If you are of the Muslim faith, you can join the MBKU MSA that offers a safe space for those that want to learn about the religion or those that practice it. MBKU ISA is a student interest group for POC students who wish to build a safe space and community while learning about the Indian culture. MBKJews is another student interest group that allows space for those that are Jewish to have a space to connect with their community. These are just some of the clubs that can help you build a community away from home. Student interest groups are a great way to get involved, make sense of community, learn about different groups, and gain knowledge.

There are many organizations to join for all three programs. They offer many options to join! I won't go into depth about the organizations, but for more information, please visit Presence, our campus engagement platform. This link will have all the necessary information to find an organization or program that interests you!