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Peer Advice: How to treat yourself in a budget-friendly way


Welcome, SPAS Class of 2023 and SCCO and COP Classes of 2025!

Congratulations for being at this exact point in time working towards your goals! We embark on this journey to become professionals and learn how to serve others, and well I hope that while you do that, you also make it a goal to make it a happy journey.  Much of what drives the success of each and every one of MBKU’s programs is the emphasis on being kind to our community and ourselves. While we are unique in our stories, growth, and our very path to becoming Physician Assistants, Optometrists and Pharmacists; there is one thing we all share. We have a need to feel good about ourselves, to nurture our identity and do the things that make us happy. Up until this point it all sounds great, making it to graduate school, feeling good about ourselves, doing the things that makes us happy, right? Well, I lied, we share two things in common we want to do the things that makes us happy while in we’re school, but also…we are tied to a budget.

So let me share with you how I have learned to make PA school a happy journey. For all of you fans of a comedy show about making parks better, you may be familiar with the concept of ‘Treat yourself day’ and if you aren’t yet, I encourage you to practice it! These are a few things that I’ve done to treat myself while keeping it budget friendly.

  1. Movie Tuesday - Many movie companies have adopted $5 Tuesday movies, all day. I usually put in extra time to study or take care of school so I can go watch a movie on Tuesdays. A great advantage is that not many people know about it, and not many people go. I have had the theater to myself many times. Great way to turn Tuesdays around.
  2. Sherman Library and Gardens - A botanical garden located in city of Newport beach, so a bit of a drive but it is also $5 to get in and you will get lost in the beauty of the garden. Tons of hanging plants, a greenhouse, etc. The perfect spot to get a few steps in, walk with a friend or even get a new plant.
  3. Bonfire night - I have picked up firewood for about $5 or $6 a bundle from a grocery store or Home Depot. Take a snack, a portable speaker, and even a friend. Enjoy watching the sunset and relax to the sound and warmth of the bonfire.
  4. Requiem Coffee, Tea and Fantasy - If you like anime and coffee this is your spot! I recommend you take a board game and play a few rounds with a friend while you enjoy one of their sweet drinks. I have seen some people even go study there. Give a try and enjoy with just $5.

We work so hard to achieve our goals, so I encourage you to give these a try. Be as happy as you can be, and you will see that things in school will flow better.