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Peer Advice: Importance of Finding Your Own Study Place


Finding out where you are most productive will help you focus on your studies and maximize your learning.  

Once I started graduate school, I learned that it is extremely important to make the most of your study time. It is difficult to keep up with constant exams and proficiencies, however finding a study space where you feel you are the most productive can help a lot. Here are some places that have worked for myself and my classmates!

Cafes/Coffee Shops

To be honest, I didn’t study much at cafes until I got to graduate school. But I recently discovered a coffee shop near campus that, in my opinion, has the best study environment. Now, coffee shops are my go-to study places and you’ll most likely find me at one before exams. There are a ton of cafes near campus that work great as study places.

Photo of students studying at a local cafe


Having a desk and studying at home could also be a great idea. This might be best for independent studiers or late night studiers who like to work at their own pace.

Public Libraries

Public libraries also work great as study areas. We have a great library on campus, but every once in a while it’s nice to change up the scenery. I would suggest the Yorba Linda Public Library, which is just a short drive from campus.


On campus, there are so many places where you could study. For study groups, there are private study rooms that have whiteboards as well! We also have a student lounge with lots of places to sit down and study. Staying on campus after instruction and studying at the library can also help you stay in the zone and be the most productive.

To conclude, when starting graduate school it can benefit you to be open minded and try new things when it comes to studying! I personally found that what worked for me in undergrad, didn’t work for me in graduate school.  Finding your go-to study place can not only maximize your study time, but can also make studying way more enjoyable.