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Peer Advice: Maintaining Balance In Professional School

Image of a sailboat on the water

Embarking on my journey at MBKU College of Pharmacy is akin to setting sail on a vast ocean of knowledge, challenges, and immense rewards.

In the whirlwind of lectures and exams, it’s easy to lose sight of the shore - your personal well-being and life outside academics. Yet, maintaining a balanced life is not just advisable; it's essential for success and fulfillment. Although I am still learning and growing every day, here are some ways in which I try my best to maintain balance as an MBKU student. 

Setting Realistic Goals: it’s important to know how you learn best. I aim to understand and master a pharmacy related topic each week, rather than attempting to cram multiple subjects in a short amount of time. I do this by setting specific time aside for each subject that we learn.

Time Management: this is a MUST! I use tools such as Google Calendar to schedule and block out study times and times for rest. I allocate specific times in the day when I’m most productive for studying, and in the evening, I wind down with some physical activity and relaxation.

Incorporating Self-Care: practice, practice, practice until it becomes habitual! I play on a competitive soccer team weekly, walk my dog daily, and ride my stationary bike to stay physically active. Physical and mental health are important to avoid burnout. Since time is limited, using apps such as Nike for at-home workouts and Balance for meditation throughout the day are great ways to incorporate self-care into your weekly routine.

Building a Support System: having a stable support system will help keep you grounded when challenges arise. Support comes from family, friends, great mentors at MBKU, and your fellow classmates. When my weeks are hectic, I lean on my support system to help carry me through.

Embracing Flexibility & Adaptability: pharmacy school will throw lots of curve balls at you; it’s important to face unexpected challenges with grace towards yourself. When this happens, I try my best to reassess study strategies and seek additional resources such as Peer Tutoring Services and the Open Door Policy for Professors at MBKU.

I’ve learned that maintaining balance in pharmacy school is an art and science, requiring thoughtful planning, commitment, and willingness to be kind to yourself. Although I haven’t nearly mastered balance, I try my best every day to get closer to my goal of being a well-rounded, healthy, and fulfilled individual ready to make a meaningful impact in the world of pharmacy. Together, we can navigate the challenges of pharmacy school with resilience and grace, making this journey not just survivable but truly enjoyable.