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Peer Advice: Making Time for Friends and Family

Group of students on campus

Welcome SCCO Class of 2027!

We’re so excited for you to join our family at MBKU! You probably have a million questions racing through your mind before you start school (I know I did). One of the biggest questions I had was how am I ever going to be able to balance school with friends and family. Well I’m here to tell you that it is possible!

First thing I would like to say is that the transition is not as scary as you might think. The program does a really great job easing students back into the groove of student life whether you came straight from undergrad or you took some gap years off. So when you are starting off, don’t only focus on establishing a routine. Take time to bond with your classmates and get to know one another. At MBKU, we’re all working together so we can see each other succeed and become great optometrists!

During your first quarter, plan hangouts with different groups of people. You never know who you might connect with the most! Weekends are a primetime for you and your classmates to hangout and interact with each other. Some activities include: chilling at a coffee shop, board game night, or even just study groups in the library! You’re gonna be spending the next 4 years with your colleagues so get to know them!

The summer is a great opportunity to bond and plan gatherings with your colleagues! The summer before my first year started, I created a group chat for my entire class so we could connect with one another! Through here we were able to coordinate some class events such as online game nights and even some outings with everyone. We’re now closer than ever as a class!

Family can be an extremely important part in your student life. They can support you through tough times so make sure you make time for them as well. Whenever you need a break from studying, call your loved ones! Update them on your wellbeing and explain to them what you learned. They might not understand, but they will still love to listen!

Optometry school can definitely be very hectic, but work is not the only important thing in your life. Your mental health is equally as important so be mindful of your limits. We’re social creatures so listen to your gut and make time for your loved ones. You’re going to thank yourself that you did!