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Peer Advice: My Top 5 Coffee Study Spots Around Fullerton

Photo of coffee next to a laptop

Hello and welcome to MBKU!

Congratulations again on your acceptance into graduate school. As you all may be expecting, studying will be an integral part of your routine in the coming future. It is important to find spaces where you can study efficiently and comfortably. Campus has a few options such as the library, classrooms, and conference rooms but these spaces could become stifling if you just spent 5 to 8 hours sitting through lecture. For me, caffeine is a necessity to function and study effectively after a full day of lecture. Fullerton offers a wide variety of cafés, but it can be time consuming to sift through them, so here are my top 5 go to study spots. Enjoy and stay caffeinated!

Disclaimer: I drink black so I’ll include what my friends recommend!

  1. 525 Coffee Co. - Great for individual studiers! This place is quiet, quaint, and relatively small. There are two tables at the center with outlets that can sit a group of 4. Most of the time though, seats are taken by the afternoon so come early if you plan to study in groups here! Parking is either street (2-hour limit) or the lot at the back. As for the recommended drinks: Strawberry Matcha Tea Latte or Spanish Latte are the ones to try. I highly recommend this spot if you are studying alone and want a slow-paced café.
  1. Able Coffee Roasters – Great for both individual and group studiers! Plenty of seating where each spot has an outlet. They also serve breakfast and lunch items from their menu! However, due to its proximity to CSUF, it can get super busy and noisy during peak times. But if you prefer that kind of hustle-bustle environment, Able is a great place to study at! I recommend trying the Able Latte, Chia Seeds Pudding, and Able breakfast burrito. There is plenty of parking at the plaza. I recommend Able if you prefer a busy café kind of vibe.
  1. Golden State Coffee Roasters - Great for both individual and group studiers. This coffee spot has the largest interior out of all the cafes in this list. The interior design is rustic, and dimly lit. Plenty of seating, but the outlets are mostly distributed at the bar type seating areas. The sandwiches are great and not too pricey. I suggest trying the pastrami sandwich. As for parking, parking is limited to the back alley or street parking (2-hour limit). I recommend this cafe if you are studying in groups and are looking for a warm, rustic atmosphere! 
  1. Frame - Great for individual studiers. This place is similar to 525 Coffee Co. but a bit bigger. There is plenty of outdoor sitting with outlets and a relatively small interior. There are a couple of tables to study at, but the only outlets are located at the right side by the large wooden dining table. I noticed this café gets busy during breakfast or lunch times, so try to come during off hours to get a seat! The drinks I’d recommend here are their lavender café latte and matcha latte. Parking is available on the street around the cafe. I would recommend Frame for a light day of studying.
  1. Tierra Mia (Anaheim) – Great for both individual and group studiers. It is a bit farther than the rest, but Tierra Mia stays open until 12 AM. They have their own designated parking lot at the back that is well lit and spacious. There are also plenty of outlets indoors and a great atmosphere. The Wi-Fi might be unstable at times, but it usually fixes itself after a couple of minutes. I highly recommend Tierra Mia if you are looking to study late off campus. Recommended drinks and food: Cafécito Cubano con Leche, horchata latte, and chocolate croissant.