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Peer Advice: Study Tips to Help You Succeed in Pharmacy School!


By the time you are reading this blog, school has started and you have just taken your very first exam in graduate school.

You may find yourself asking the following questions: what can I do to get a better grade on my next exam? Or how can I improve my studying style?

Even though we all have different studying and learning styles, there are some tips that will help direct you towards success when you are studying. You can utilize these tips and make it your own style.

  1. Location: First and foremost, pick your area where you will be most comfortable in to study and stay motivated. Is it a coffee shop? Your desk?  Campus library? It is important for your studying area to be comfortable. If you study better in a coffee shop, then find a location where it is your safe/cozy space where you feel motivated to study. If it is at your desk in your room, then make sure that area is clean and organized, because if it is messy, it will stress you out without you realizing (studying can be stressful enough, you definitely do not need more stress added). Also, if you enjoy studying at campus library, find where you like to sit and make that your study spot (MBKU library has the most peaceful and beautiful view).
  2. Plan: Once you have established your studying location, write down exam/assignment dates. As you may know, for pharmacy program here at MBKU, almost every Monday we have an exam(s). For the upcoming exam, write down exactly what you need to study. Organize your study materials, because this way you know exactly how much exam material you need to prepare for. Take upcoming work and other schedules into consideration, and plan out your study routine based on the available time you have to study and how much material you need to go over. Sometimes you may find it difficult to stay exactly on schedule, however, this way you know what you are working with and can make slight changes along the way to help you succeed. Try your best to stick to your schedule.
  3. Study/Teach: Pharmacy program requires lot of memorizations, and it can be hard to try to memorize and remember everything. Often times you will hear your teachers say ‘try to understand it, don’t just memorize’. Well, here is a tip to help you do that. When you are trying to memorize and remember what you are studying, repeat it out loud as if you are telling your friend about what you just learned. By repeating out loud what you just studied, will help you realize the areas that you are unclear on, which will help you go back and review. Second, saying it out loud and hearing yourself will not only help you better understand what you are saying, but it makes it easier for you to remember it. Repetition! Repetition! Repetition!
  4. Just do it: Lastly, just get up and get started! Repeat steps 1-3 and you will succeed!