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Peer Advice: What to do for Small Study Breaks on or Around Campus

Image of a duck

If you ever find yourself feeling a little burnt out during a long study session and need a small and minimally time-consuming break, then this blog post is for you!

There are a couple of things you can do on or very close to campus to give your mind a little break from all the studying you’ve been doing.

For starters, my favorite and shortest break whenever I’m studying in the library is just going to the windows that face the creek and trying to spot some ducks. You can usually find a couple trotting along the creek, trying to find food. Sometimes though, there are no ducks to be found so it can be a little disappointing. However, you might spot a friend while walking over to the window so you can also have a quick chat with them as a study break. If you have a little more time though and want a longer and more active break, then you can also head to the gym on campus.

Although the campus gym is small and doesn’t have too much equipment, it is perfect to get the blood flowing in between your study sessions. There are 2 treadmills, free weights, cable machines, and a caged smith machine. Obviously though if you want a more intense workout session, then I recommend going to other gyms around the campus. However, this gym gets the job done if you are looking to take a quick study break and get your heart rate going. If you want to do something more leisurely, though, and have more time to spare, then I recommend taking a walk to the Fullerton arboretum across the street from campus.

The Fullerton arboretum has free admission and allows for a nice walk to enjoy nature. There are a couple of ponds you can see some little fish through and different types of trees and plants to observe. This walk is perfect to go on with a couple of friends or even by yourself if you want to enjoy some peace and quiet. It is also very helpful if you are looking to get some steps in for the day. The only downside is that they are only open from 9 AM to 4 PM, so you are unable to go whenever you please. If you are on campus late and want a fun study break, the student lounge is always there.

There is a pool table and 2 ping pong tables that you can take advantage of. Pool tends to be a bit more time-consuming, so I would recommend ping pong over it if you wanted to do something on the quicker side for your break. You can also bring your Switch or other gaming console and hook it up to the TV in the lounge if you want to get a quick gaming session in with some friends as your study break.

There are a plethora of simple and quick things you can do on or very close to campus to help recharge your brain. You can only study so much before you hit a plateau. Listen to your brain; if you feel like you’re not really absorbing the material anymore or feel like your study efficiency has greatly dropped, stop studying and go take a break. It can be a quick 5-minute break or an hour one. Just remember to be mindful of your mental health also along your journey through graduate school.