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Scholarships and Grants

Each year more than 150 scholarships and awards are available to qualified students at MBKU to recognize and honor those who have achieved excellence in academics, clinical abilities, research, leadership and service. Recipients of scholarships and awards are generally determined by the Dean of SCCO upon the recommendations of appointed faculty committees. In recognizing that multiple students may meet eligibility criteria for the various awards, the administration makes every effort to recognize as many students as possible. Information regarding any scholarships or awards may be obtained from the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at SCCO. 

Annual scholarships are available to students entering any of the four professional years of study at SCCO and are based on criteria that include academic excellence, clinical ability, financial need, leadership, etc. All monetary scholarships are directly applied to the recipients’ education expenses at the university. 

Awards are made on the basis of merit in coordination with the guidelines set forth by the MBKU award donor whenever possible. These awards recognize the noteworthy achievements made by optometric interns. 

Descriptions of individual scholarships and awards may be found by accessing the Tuition & Financial Aid page on the SCCO Admissions website at