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20 Ways to Fit in Fitness Every Day

Each time you move you burn calories, and by the end of the day, they all add up. Here are easy ways to “fit in” extra movements at home during these uncertain times. 

  1. Move around while making phone calls or lift hand weights getting fit. 
  2. Walk outside whenever possible. Enjoy the fresh air while getting fit. Remember to practice social distancing too!
  3. Stretch every chance you get. Besides burning calories, it keeps you flexible.
  4. Get a grip. Using a hand gripper while reading or watching TV will help strengthen your hands and burn calories.
  5. March in place anywhere you have to stand in line or while working on the computer.
  6. Squeeze please! Your gluteus Maximus is your largest muscle group. A sly squeeze (tighten, hold for two seconds, release) done 10 times on one to three occasions daily is a good way to burn calories while tightening your backside.
  7. Rinse, scrub, and wipe dishes by hand, rather than using the dishwasher.
  8. Clean your home often. Put on music and dance while you vacuum or dust to help you get moving. 
  9. Heading for the mailbox? If you have time, take an extra walk around.
  10. Consider buying a treadmill or stationary bicycle. Read or watch TV while you exercise.
  11. Do sit-ups or crunches while watching TV.
  12. During TV commercials, get active. Dance around, march, or do jumping jacks in place, or use the kind of exercise step found in aerobic classes.
  13. Walk the dog! You won’t find a happier companion. 
  14. Get fit cooking. Do leg lifts, squats, or stretches while the oven’s on. Jog in place while awaiting the microwave’s ding.
  15. Enjoy an after-dinner walk.
  16. Sneak in some before work exercise by getting up half an hour earlier each morning for a jog or walk.
  17. Walk at lunch. Grab a quick bite and spend the rest of your lunch hour strolling.
  18. Coffee pot perking? Do some squats and lunges until your java brews.
  19. Stand and sit several times while talking on the phone.
  20. Keep a set of free weights (three, five, and eight pounds) handy. While on break, you can work at firming up your arms.

Moving frequently is great for your mind and heart. Once you get in the habit, you can be on the lookout for even more opportunities to increase physical activity every day.