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Join Us at SCCO's Optometry Admissions Workshop!

Join us on Saturday, July 27, 2024 in-person or virtually for our annual Optometry Admissions workshop!

Optometry Admissions Workshop


Applying to optometry school in the next 1-2 years? What better way to learn more about SCCO's program and what we look for in competitive applicants than to live a "day in the life" with us? Join the Dean, faculty members, admissions officers, Student Ambassadors and alumni in-person or virtually for this interactive workshop that includes:

  • Walking through an OptomCAS application with Admissions Officers
  • Taking notes while the Dean shares what SCCO looks for in competitive applicants
  • Joining Faculty and Student Ambassadors for labs
  • Enjoying a pizza party in the Student Union
  • Presentations about optometry legislation, interview day tips and more!

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